Kimley-Horn Traffic Study

Kimley-Horn Results:

1.) Kiawah Island Parkway at Betsy Kerrison 🚫 FAILS 🚫 during the 2036 long term analysis

- A turbo roundabout should be considered for future conditions

2.) Camp Care Road at Future Lot A 🚫 FAILS 🚫

- Turn lanes on Betsy Kerrison are recommended

3.) Old Cedar Lane 🚫 FAILS 🚫 during the long term conditions

- Turn lanes recommended on Old Cedar Lane

4.) A free-flow lane exiting Kiawah Island at Beachwalker Drive is recommended

- This would result in:

- Improved traffic flow

- The Real Estate Office would become a RI/RO access on Kiawah Island Parkway

5.) The future Andell West Property should be signalized on Kiawah Island Parkway

- A roundabout operates well in the short term but 🚫 FAILS 🚫 long term

- A signal will allow for gaps for the side-street movements

6.) If possible, it is strongly recommended Andell West interconnect to Freshfields

- The existing Freshfields access on the Kiawah Island Parkway is recommended to

become a RI/RO

7.) Bohicket Marina access on Seabrook Island Road is recommended to become a roundabout

Thoughtful Analysis - Transparency - Open Communication